Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anal Fucking : Luscious Lopez Shakes Her Ass

Last time I checked my radar it was directly pointing to gorgeous butt babe Luscious Lopez. I had my camera on and got cool clips of her phat juicy ass.

This chick knew I was following her and she kept on teasing me with her well rounded mound. She would stop for a while, bend and shake her ass and I had a hard time controlling the every growing boner between my legs.

Thank goodness we found are way inside the studio. I can do anything I want to her luscious booty. She threw herself on the bed, stripped her clothes and teased me with her addictive booty shaking. I asked my buddy to hold the camera for me and I started caressing her ass, spat on it and slap it real hard.

I got a well deserved break right after, Luscious got the upper hand and swallowed my dong wholly. I got a great view of her bouncy booty the whole time I was fucking her and I even got her behind coated with my hot spunk. You got to see how tempting Luscious Lopez's round mound of ass really is only RIGHT HERE WHEN YOU CLICK

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Anal Fucking : Sasha Knox Squirting Movie Downloads

Sasha Knox had a lot of stories to tell about her squirting experience.

She told me that she got hot and heavy with this dude one night and the next thing she knew she squirted pussy juice all over his grill. That was one hell of an amazing story.

There's only one way to find out. I whipped out my fat big dick. She spread her legs and started moaning while I ate her sweet cookie. This self proclaimed squirter tasted so good!

I rammed my swollen dong in and out of her wet pussy and seconds after she exploded all over me. Man, I got drenched by Sasha Knox multiple times. In return, I dumped my man chowder in her mouth. DOWNLOAD the wet and wild movie of Sasha Knox ONLY at!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anal Fucking : Cassidy Clay Latin Big Booty Anal

Pornstar goddess Cassidy Clay is uber proud of her luscious Latin booty she came by the studio to shoot for our website.

Nice olive skin, big booty, huge fake tits which almost look real, I couldn't wait to get this show on the road. Cassidy teased my camera man for some time. Shaking her ass, rubbing her tits, sliding her panties between her ass cheeks while rubbing her meaty pussy.

I got a huge boner just watching and waiting for my turn. I finally got the nod. I just about ran on set, spread her ass cheeks to munch her asshole to clit while smacking her Latin ass. DOWNLOAD the FULL movie of Cassidy Clay and her fantastic ass ONLY RIGHT HERE!! THE ONLY PLACE IS HERE!!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Anal Fucking : Harlow Heart Sweet Ass Cheeks

We are always in search of the most perfect ass. Harlow Heart came to us to show off her sweet cheeks and her amazing talent to suck a mean dick.

Billy slides her pants down and shows off her sexy heart shaped ass. He dove his face right into it and started licking away.

She grabbed his hard cock and stuffed it in her mouth and sucked him rock hard. He bent her over and parted her round mound of ass and stuffed his hard cock inside her wet pussy! DOWNLOAD the FULL movie today HERE!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anal Fucking : Slut Stephanie Cane College Anal

Cute college chick Stephanie Cane passed by my ice cream van on her way home.

I blasted my bang bang jingle and gave her a whistle. She stopped, asked me for a free tasty treat. Only if you jump in the back of my bang bang van.

Being the slut Stephanie Cane was she agreed. Before her tasty treat came my huge dong deep in her mouth. I bent her college ass over the freezer and fucker Stephanie till I gave her my vanilla surprise! DOWNLOAD the full Movie ONLY at


Monday, July 13, 2009

Anal Fucking : Bridgette B Camel Toe Pussy & Ass

It's pussy and ass hunting time but first lunch. After grabbing a bite to eat we decided to go to the beach when I spotted Spanish hottie Bridgette B in the parking lot.

Looks like we didn't need to drive very far to go camel toe hunting! Bridgette was wearing snug pants that proudly show off her puffy pussy. She says she loves showing off her camel toe and I love sticking my cock in them!

We propositioned her she was hesitant but was receptive towards our offer. She finally agreed and what followed was a pure camel toe dream! She took off those tight pants and showed her fat pussy which I munched on before fucking her camel toe hard until I glazed her fat pussy lips with my cum!

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Anal Fucking : Hayley Jayde Rubbing Her Ass

Hayley Jayde came by my studio. She brought a sexy little outfit. Asked me if it was cool if she hopped in the shower.

Only if I can video tape it! Hayley didn't care. She stripped of her clothes, rubbed her ass up against the glass shower door asking me if I liked her round mound. Hell yeah I did.

Hayley got out, dried off and put on her skimpy pink bra and thong panties set. Asked me where the set was, shook her junk in my face and giggled. I waved on my stunt cock who licked Miss Hayley Jayde from asshole to clit.

Hayley moaned, grabbed his head and shoved it deeper between her thick ass cheeks. DOWNLOAD the full movie of Hayley Jayde getting fucked ONLY RIGHT HERE!!

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